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Change Things Up With Black Kitchen Cabinets

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A modern kitchen with brown base cabinets and black upper cabinets with no visible hardware

In today’s expensive economy, getting the house that you dream about may seem like a distant goal. Thankfully, there is another great way for you to transform your house and get extra space, personalized style, and more without buying a new home. Here at Greystone Remodeling, we can help you realize your home revitalization goals. 

While we do full home additions and renovations, we also have a special talent for kitchen remodeling. In addition to the layout, the color scheme of your future remodeled kitchen is a key design consideration. If you seek a color with a certain timeless style in your new kitchen, you might consider installing black kitchen cabinets.

Black Colors and Contrast

As the darkest color, black occupies a special place in the visual palette. It can project solidity, strength, dignity, and, at the same time, be understated. These and other unique qualities make it especially potent when used in combination with other colors. 

Black kitchen cabinets are one aspect of kitchen design where you can enjoy the effects of various color contrasts. Some ideas for black contrast combinations include those below.

Symmetry With White Surfaces

In this kitchen design idea, the black cabinets would mount under countertops and around islands. The countertops themselves could be made of any material but would have a clear white coloring that makes a very effective contrast with black cabinets.

Solid Black and Gold

Designers and artists have long exploited the combined effects of black and gold in their creations. You can enjoy the same results with the tasteful application of black and gold paint on your cabinets. For example, painting a bank of higher cabinets black and lower cabinets a bright gold creates an attractive and inspiring contrast.

Solid Black With Light Walls

Black kitchen cabinets with white walls

With this kitchen design idea, you would paint entire blocks of cabinetry and associated surfaces a particular shade of black. If the surrounding walls are painted white, tan, or some other light shade, the room itself provides a stunning visual statement.

Hybrid Natural Look

If you have a kitchen with gorgeous light wood countertops, you can pair them with black cabinets and appliances for an attractive hybrid look. In addition to the color contrast, the rustic appearance of the countertops mixed with the appliance’s futuristic technology makes for an unforgettable look.

Use Shades Of Black For Various Effects

Like other colors, black comes in various shades. If you’re looking for ideas for black kitchen cabinets and seek specific effects, it can pay to harness the impact of various shades of black. Some common shades include: 

  • Black bean
  • Cool black
  • Registration black
  • Smokey black
  • Warm black
  • Rich black
  • Dark gunmetal
  • Onyx black
  • Black olive 

By mixing and matching the various shades of black with other kitchen design features, you can create some truly creative and personalized looks. For example, rich black tends to be lighter in color than absolute black. Pairing rich black and black olive cabinets can create a tasteful and relaxing look.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Black kitchen cabinets with glass doors

A simple way to create a nice contrast with black paint is to use clear glass fronts for your cabinets. This design technique can attractively highlight the black borders of the cabinets while at the same time allowing you to see inside them. Painting the inside of the see-through cabinets with complementary colors can optimize this effect. 

Another idea for black kitchen cabinets is the iconic glossy black color. Banks of kitchen cabinets, counters, and appliances that use this color will create a dazzling and almost mesmerizing look in your kitchen. Kitchen stools or dining room table chairs clad in glossy black patent leather can add to the feel.

Black Cabinets and Accessories

In addition to using black paint to good effect in your renovated kitchen, you can also use accessories to add to the overall style.


Wood floors are a very common option for kitchens, and other popular choices include various types of linoleum or vinyl. Many of these flooring materials are lighter in color, which means you can leverage this to your contrast advantage. 

By painting the central block of cabinets complementary shades of black and painting the ceiling white, you can create a symmetrical sandwich effect that will definitely turn heads.


Many homeowners like you appreciate the timeless beauty natural stone can bring to artistic design. This ability extends to the kitchen, which is why so many homes boast marble stoneware and countertops. Lots of other kitchens use other types of stone, including red brick and quartz or granite

Whichever type of stone you may like, almost all of them make complementary matches with black painted cabinets. An example includes banks of black cabinets with white marble countertops. Another example could be brick surrounding a stove and tastefully painted black cabinets surrounding the brick.

Use Chrome

If you apply this design pattern, you can create a kitchen that is a work of art. Rustic wooden cabinets painted a darker black set the stage. Next, simply surround your black cabinets with carefully and symmetrically arranged arrays of stainless steel, chromed, or aluminum appliances, such as the stove, refrigerator, microwave, air fryer, and more.

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Whether you would like to try some of the design ideas for black kitchen cabinets we’ve discussed or need any other type of home renovation service, you can trust the experts at Greystone Remodeling. Fill out our contact form for a consultation about your future home.

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