The Best Home Additions In Raleigh, NC

This ultimate guide is specific for Raleigh, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

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A home addition is the best way to increase the beauty and functionality of your home. You can have an extra room for entertaining guests or adjust your house for your expanding family. With an addition, your home will smoothly follow the changes in your life.

So if you love your house, and you just need a little more elbow room or a new configuration, this is the perfect solution for you. And even if this type of project might sound overwhelming at first, with the right help, it can be a very simple process.

Whenever you prepare for a renovation project, it’s best to be aware of all the steps. In this guide, I will go over the basics and try to answer your most pressing questions. Let’s get started!

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Anthony Abbot K&B Specialist
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Anthony Abbot is a remodeling expert with a world of knowledge and experience under his belt. He completed over 100 successful remodeling projects, and his portfolio is proof of that. He is always looking to exceed expectations and deliver quality work that sets the standard in excellence.

An Overview of Home Additions In Raleigh, NC

Home additions are a great way to enhance the quality of your house. Most homeowners opt for an addition for various reasons. But the ones I hear the most are:

Home additions are a great way to enhance the quality of your aWhatever the reason, tailoring your existing home is usually the best solution for any lifestyle worry. If you cherish your house, an addition can only bring more of that feeling since you’d be customizing it to your liking. 

Home Addition Trends

When it comes to home additions, most people look for something that meets their needs and improves their quality of life. Therefore, the design has the same level of importance as the functionality of each room.

Kitchen additions are some of the most popular. Multi-zone kitchens with extra cooking space have been in demand in the last year. Large islands with plenty of room for preparing and serving food are popular with families. People also want a space that allows movement and lets them gather and socialize.

There has also been a request for bathroom additions. With the stress of work being a constant in people’s lives, larger bathrooms that offer a retreat-like feel are popular. Steam showers and oversized soaking tubs are key elements that bring the bathroom to life. Since most homeowners can’t go to the spa, a contractor can bring the spa to them.

The events of the last few years have also brought us the rise of the work-from-home sanctuary: a home office. Nowadays, people spend more time creating a space that maximizes their concentration and productivity. In addition, home gyms are also increasing in popularity, with people wanting to focus more on their health in the comfort of their homes. 

Home Addition Styles

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style gives off a sleek and simple ambiance. Neutral color palettes are often used with textured fabrics to create interest. Various metals like steel and glass are incorporated for their light-reflecting properties.

Industrial Style

Industrial interiors don’t shy away from roughness. They are known for using a mix of warm colors with strong metals. There is also a focus on unfinished brickwork or exposed concrete as distinctive style elements.

Minimalist Style

The minimalist style offers an aesthetic that focuses on the function of design. It avoids clutter and maximizes concealed storage. The colors are displayed in hushed tones, with natural light keeping the interior light and dynamic.

Transitional Style

Transitional interiors are a combination of sophistication and simplicity. They feature solid furniture with curved lines to showcase a sense of comfort. The colors are monochromatic, and they range from deep tones to warm ones. This way, you have an ambiance that celebrates balance and coziness

Mid-Century Style

This style has a retro feel with a fresh twist. It focuses on the vivid use of colors such as orange, green, or brown. The furniture usually features rich woods and crips lines. Mid-century-style homes have timelessness and comfort at their epicenter.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is the best of everything. It’s a playful interpretation of various style schemes with a focus on mixed patterns and textures. The colors are vivid, and you often find a mixture of vintage furniture with fresh artwork. The style can be seen as a collage of furnishings that leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Home Addition Types

Traditional Room Addition

This is the most common addition that creates a whole new structure for your home. This can be a one-room addition or multiple-room addition. When completed, the new structure will blend smoothly within your home. Popular room additions include bedroom and sunroom additions.

Bump-Out Addition

A bump-out is a simple addition that increases the square footage of your home. They are perfect for rooms that only need a little more space. The most common bump-out additions are kitchen and bathroom extensions to accommodate larger islands or bigger showers.

Second Story Addition

A second-story addition comes in handy when homeowners don’t want to trouble themselves with adding extra foundation to their house. They are also popular with families with multiple kids who don’t want to move to a new home. Bedrooms and storage spaces are the most common with second-story additions.

Basement Addition

Basements allow you to expand downwards. They are a great option for people who can’t expand outward due to limited yard sizes. Basement additions are popular for homeowners who want a new living and entertaining space for guests.

What To Plan Ahead: Permits, Tax, Utility Bills

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a home addition, it’s a good idea to consider some things. Since this is a major construction project, it does take a lot of planning. Permits are always required, and you need to anticipate future costs as well. Most homeowners are surprised to find out that home improvements can increase their property taxes.

Home additions can also leave their mark on your current utility bill. Depending on what room you choose to add and what kind of appliances it features, you have two options: you either get a more expensive bill or lower your annual home maintenance costs.

For instance, insulation can keep your home warm for longer. This means you don’t need to crack up the AC so much during the winter months. Before you wake up with changes that alter your budget, you need to plan ahead. Luckily, a good contractor will hold your hand during the whole process. He can obtain permits from the proper authorities and ensure everything is built up to code. He also has the knowledge and experience that can warn off any unforeseen problems.

Value vs. Cost For A Home Addition

Your home stands at the center of your life. It’s a place that shelters you, where you can let your barriers down. So it only makes sense to invest in something that brings you joy and relaxation daily.

Most people find a deep sense of satisfaction after they complete an extensive renovation project to their home. Studies show that after adding a new bathroom, 85% feel a major sense of accomplishment after the project is finished. And with a kitchen renovation, 95% of people have an increased sense of enjoyment when at home. This is the kind of value that a home addition or any other remodeling project can give you.

What Should You Expect Budget-Wise

Now, let’s see the prices. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs Value report for Raleigh, the investment you are looking at for a home addition falls somewhere between $51k to $290k. This price range can vary depending on several factors. The first is the type of room you are looking to add. For an upscale bathroom addition, you are looking to spend around $93k. For a mid-range master suite addition, the price is approximately $141k.

Of course, these estimates will vary depending on the size of the addition, the materials, and the labor you use. Here, at Greystone Remodeling, an average home addition that includes a kitchen and bath remodel falls somewhere around $250k.

The price range seems large, but an addition also brings some serious value to your home. On a resale, a master suite addition can increase your house’s value by $125k.

How To Choose Your Home Addition Contractors In Raleigh, NC

Finding good contractors in Raleigh can be a difficult task. A lot goes into a home addition, so it’s best to weed out any unsuitable options. When you do your research, take into consideration these things before starting your project.

Response Time

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is response time. If a contractor takes an unusually long time to get back to you, forget about it. Poor time management skills leave a bad impression right from the start. If they take too much time to respond, just imagine how they treat your project when the real work begins.

Lower Than Usual Prices

I know you need to take your budget into account. And going for the highest bid out there is not a smart decision. But going for the lowest is also a mistake. You need to remember that a home addition is a complex project that requires some serious work. If the offer seems like a dream come true, then it’s probably a rip-off. The contractor may use cheap materials or unqualified labor and might even bail on you.

Lack Of Contract, License, Or Insurance​

If a contractor doesn’t offer you a contract, then you can move on. Whoever you end up hiring, make sure they have a contract ready for you to sign. They also need to be licensed and insured. If either one of the above is lacking, problems might arise later.

Asking For Payment Upfront

Any contractor that asks for a payment upfront can prove to be a shady person. Reliable professionals will only ask for a deposit and collect the rest of the money as each step of the project is completed. If you feel cornered into paying the whole amount in the beginning, feel free to refuse their offer.

The Greystone Advantage

When you are ready to begin your project, the first step is to find a dependable crew that can get the job done with accuracy and professionalism. Here, at Greystone Remodeling, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners such as yourself improve their quality of life.

Straight-Forward Process

We have a clear approach that ensures you’ll be kept in the loop during every step of the process. We value your faith in us and we always make sure to give you exactly what you need. Each milestone of the project will be met with trust that you will be on top of every change that happens.

Time-Bound Service

Completing your project in a timely manner is something we take very seriously. When you reach out to us, we respond immediately and complete your project as soon as possible. Getting your home in top shape for your enjoyment is our top priority.

Transparent Pricing

Our prices are clearly displayed on our website. We are firm believers in full transparency and we also try to educate you on what each project entails so that you can know what to expect. You can also check out our article on Home Addition Cost for a full breakdown of how much you are looking to spend on this project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build an addition without a foundation?

The foundation is an essential part of every house. So unless you’re willing to add a second story or a bump-out, a foundation is needed for a solid addition on grade. Without it, there are bound to be structural issues later on. For a bump-out, you can add several feet to any room and make use of the preexisting foundation.

Is it worth putting an addition on a house?

Yes. A home addition will increase the value of your house. It’s a rewarding investment that you can enjoy for years to come. To give you an example, if you want a midrange master suite addition, you are looking at 48% recouping costs if you decide to sell.

Can I design my own addition?

Designing your own addition takes a lot of planning and research. It can be a bit tricky if you’re starting from scratch. And since any structural changes that come to your home are a complex task, you are bound to need help from professionals. You might need a contractor or architect to obtain the required permits and approvals. Or, if any columns or beams need to be removed, you have to consult with a professional engineer.

Can you add to an old house?

Yes, you can easily add to an old house. The only thing to remember is that most old houses have a design style that must be met to maintain your home’s visual harmony. It’s more about compatibility when adding to old houses, so try using traditional materials or even incorporate salvaged ones.

What is the most expensive part of a home addition?

The most expensive part of a home addition is the framing. It’s the skeleton of your home that includes the roof, and it will require plenty of material. Prices vary according to the size of the addition, the materials, and the labor you use. If you want to obtain an accurate price estimate for your home, it’s important to discuss with a trusted professional.

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