The Best Home Additions In Durham, NC

This ultimate guide is specific for Durham, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

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A home addition is a perfect solution when your family grows, and your needs change. Improve your day-to-day life with a little more elbow room, a new configuration for an area, or a sunroom to enjoy your coffee better. Impress your friends with a man cave or a game room in your basement. And easily convince your visitors to stay the night in a room exclusively for them.

However you want to put it, a home addition adds immense value to your life, saving you from the many challenges of being a homeowner.

In this guide, we go over the basics of a home addition. Keep on reading and discover how your home can leave the best impression on your guests while satisfying all your needs.

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Anthony Abbot K&B Specialist
Published on November 15th, 2021 by
Anthony is the owner of Greystone Remodeling and an expert with hundreds of projects in his portfolio. He’s a dedicated man with a passion for creating spaces that bring the best out of your home. Anthony delivers quality work that homeowners in Durham love.

An Overview of Home Additions In Raleigh, NC

Home additions are the best solution to increase the quality of your life at home. Here are some of the perks that make a home addition pays off:
Whatever your reason, tailoring your home to fit your lifestyle will always be a wise investment. Customize it to your liking and make your home truly yours so you’ll never have to question its functionality.
A spacious room with white carpet and two red chairs

Home Addition Trends

Trends are constantly changing, but home additions are a bit different. Whatever you’re planning to get, it needs to function and make a good change in your life. Most additions will save you time and even money in the long run. They will bring comfort to your home and create areas that make chores smoother and faster than before.

Bump-out additions for kitchens are a popular choice among homeowners. These are new constructions to your kitchen that create an ideal space for a family gathering. Create long-lasting memories and bond over a board game with your loved ones in your new, extended kitchen.

Bathroom additions for a second floor are another smart investment for homeowners that care about accessibility. It’s the best solution to going up and down the stairs to use the bathroom, which you know can get exhausting. Extending your actual bath is yet another way to transform it into an oasis and enjoy the serenity it offers.

If you’re working from home or striving for your own business, a home office allows you to concentrate better and remain focused on the task at hand. You have to admit; any other room is packed with distractions. If time is the issue, a gym in your home could save you from wasting precious time driving. Avoid being stared at or judged by working out in your comfort. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you and (maybe) your family are the only ones using the gym equipment.

Spacious room with yoga carpet, couch, and a few shelves
A sunroom with wooden floor, chairs, a couch, and a glass door

Home Addition Styles

A white room with a beige bed and furniture

Contemporary Style

Give your new room a sleek and clean ambiance with a contemporary design. 

Allow neutral color palettes and beautifully textured fabrics to create a comfortable space that improves your mood. Take full advantage of steel features or glass that evenly reflect the light in your new room.

A white tub and a wooden vanity in a bath that appears to have cement on walls

Industrial Style

Create a bolder atmosphere for your room with the fearless elements of an industrial-style design. Its decor consists of warm colors with strong metals that balance the room between relaxed and professional. 

Create a unique vibe with unfinished brickwork or exposed concrete work that makes an industrial-style room feel elegant and different.

Minimalist Style

A minimalist style provides a smooth layout that makes your addition feel chic and elegant. This particular style focuses on the function of its design. You’ll have plenty of free space that makes your room appear larger and airy. 

Maintaining a minimalist room is done in seconds, as there are only a handful of elements. So, if you don’t have time to clean up or don’t feel like doing it, the minimalist style is the way to go.

A gray and white couch around a table and a burning fireplace

Transitional Style

The transitional style is your perfect choice for a combination of simplicity and sophistication. The curved lines of every element in a transitional design give a sense of comfort to a transitional room. 

The monochromatic colors complement every other aspect of this style, creating an ambiance that represents balance and coziness.

A green chair with a gray cabinet with books and plants

Mid-Century Style

Bring nostalgia and familiarity to your new addition with a mid-century design. Let vivid colors like orange, green, or blue fill the room with a retro feel. 

Bring timelessness and comfort to the center of your new room. Let wooden elements with crisp lines and beautiful colors make a statement and set the mood in your home.

A light blue room with blue cabinets and pillows

Eclectic Style

Mix the best of every other style and create the perfect design that will match your home. The eclectic style is playful, with various schemes focusing on relaxing patterns and comfortable textures. 

Express your creativity in a manner that allows flexibility into your new room. Enjoy a familiar and informal atmosphere with vivid colors, vintage furniture, and fresh artwork.

Home Addition Types

We talked about styles, trends, and an overview of additions, but what can you actually get as an addition? From a conventional house addition to just a tiny window bump-out, you have many options to transform your home. You’ll get square footage with every one of these options, and all of them will improve your daily life.

In no particular order, here are some of the additions that you can get:

Conventional House Addition

A conventional house addition is a multi-room structure built onto the side of your house. Here at Greystone Remodeling, we love blending this construction with the main structure of your house because it makes the transition flow better. However, there are situations where you might prefer this addition separate from your home (e.g., when you want to rent it and you want privacy).

 A house addition yields a high return on investment and helps you sell the property faster when the time comes.

Room Addition Or Bump-Out

A room addition, often also called a bump-out, is a single structure built onto the side of your house. It can be a dining room that blends with your kitchen, a mudroom that connects to your entrance, or a dressing closet that’s attached to your bedroom.

A project like a room addition implies laying down a new roofline, usually a shed style or flat roof. Such investment brings a smaller value than a conventional house addition, but it is also more affordable.


Enjoy your morning coffee in a cozy room and let the sunlight fill you with energy and good vibes. A sunroom addition is a perfect place where you can read a book and relax after a long day.

A sunroom is usually made of prefabricated materials and assembled on-site, but lumber and concrete will be a better, more expensive option. While some sunrooms can be permanent structures, you can dismantle others so a harsh winter won’t damage the materials.

Garage Conversion

Extend your living space by adding flooring and replacing your garage doors with a solid wall. Most of the time, garage conversions turn into bedrooms or guest rooms.

Converting this space is affordable because your garage most likely has a roof, walls, and foundation in place. A couple of windows will brighten this space, and the electrical system will most likely be still functioning.

Basement Addition

Who doesn’t love a fun night where you kick back with your friends and tell your favorite stories? 

Gather your peers in your man cave and host the best football nights. Fill the room with a pool table, a TV so you can watch the game, your best speakers, and a fridge dedicated to your favorite drinks.

A basement addition is a perfect solution if you want to extend your living space without adding anything on the sides of your home. 

Second Story Addition

If you’re looking to add more rooms to your home and your yard doesn’t allow you to go sideways, a second-story addition might be perfect for you.

A second story allows you to add to your home without needing a new foundation. Although an expensive project, this addition adds tons of square footage to your home. The extra rooms you’ll create can accommodate your guests or serve as a children’s bedroom, a small bathroom, and even a laundry room.

How Additions Impact Tax, Utility Bills, And Permits

A home addition improves your life in many ways. It makes it easier by saving you time, effort, and even money. Before you get started on your upcoming project, there are some aspects to consider.

As this is a major construction project, it takes planning, permits, and future costs as well. Since you’re increasing the size of your property, your taxes might also grow with it. Utility bills are another aspect worth considering. As you add more rooms, you’ll need to provide the basic utilities, such as water, heat, and electricity.

Here at Greystone Remodeling, we guide you through what would be the best option for your new space. You’ll be able to save money with proper appliances that don’t cost a fortune. AC’s will become obsolete with excellent insulation that keeps the room’s temperature perfect. And you’ll save both the planet and money with quality water conservation systems.

With the best contractor on the job, your only duty will be to sign a paper and then watch your project come to life. The process will be effortless, and your experts will make sure your home remains welcoming and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Value vs. Cost For A Home Addition

Whenever we are about to make a decision, we find ourselves asking, “is it worth it?”.

Let’s discuss why a home addition is worth it and the immense value it brings to your home.

As long as you have an excellent contractor, it’s always worth investing in your home. The deep sense of satisfaction is just one of the feelings homeowners reported after a completed renovation. A study shows how 85% of the homeowners felt a major sense of accomplishment after adding a new bathroom. The same study shows how 95% of people have an increased sense of enjoyment after a kitchen remodel.

A Budget-Wise View On Home Additions

A home addition brings even more than joy and feelings of accomplishment. Any addition you choose increases the value of your home and shortens its time on the market. Potential buyers love knowing you invested in your home to make it great for living in it.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report for Durham, the average investment in home additions is somewhere between $50k and $290k. These prices vary depending on materials, the type of addition you want, and the overall difficulty of the project. For an upscale bathroom addition, you are looking to spend $93k. A mid-range master suite addition is around $141k.

These additions make your life easier and your home more comfortable, but they also increase the value of your home. On resale, a master suite addition increases your property’s value by $125k.

At Greystone Remodeling, with an average home addition, you also get a kitchen and bath remodel for about $250k. You’ll enjoy more space in your home and have two essential rooms refreshed to match your needs and style.

Choosing Your Home Addition Contractor In Durham, NC

Finding a good contractor in Durham can prove difficult when you want the job done right. Some fail to deliver, others are not good communicators, and the rest charge a fortune even for a small project.

A few red flags make it easier to weed out the bad from the good contractors.

Response Time

Paying attention to how fast contractors respond to your calls or texts is an important indicator of their reliability. Generally, if someone takes too long to answer your question, they are too busy or don’t care. Either way, it’s a red flag when choosing the contractor for your project.

Lower Than Usual Prices

While low prices can be tempting, it’s better to avoid them. Too cheap should always raise questions about the quality of the product and the labor put into your project. Skimping on materials is a common tactic to make the price seem too good to be true, but that means you’ll have to redo the project sooner than expected.

Yes, budget is a big deal, and you don’t want to go over it. For that to happen, Greystone Remodeling will provide you with quality, affordable products that make the best solution for your unique project.

Lack Of Contract, License, Or Insurance​

A contract saves you from responsibilities, but it saves your contractor too. A job with no contract means no rules, no timeline, and no predictability. Make sure the contractor you choose to work with offers a contract. This way, you’ll avoid any unnecessary issues along the way.

Our crew is licensed and insured, so you’ll receive professionalism and reliability every step of the way. Greystone Remodeling offers a 5-year warranty for labor and materials, so your home will always be in good hands.

Asking For Payment Upfront

A good rule of thumb is to never pay the full amount upfront. A deposit should be a good enough incentive for your contractor to start working on your project. Discuss the contract and how you will pay for the service. We recommend a payment after each cornerstone of your project is completed successfully.

The Greystone Advantage

The Greystone advantage is that you’ll have your project taken care of from start to finish. No matter the challenges that might arise, a team of professionals will manage your home addition, and you’ll enjoy your finished project as scheduled.

Let reliable experts and good people work in your home and enjoy a unique experience. Greystone Remodeling ensures an effortless and stress-free process that allows your home to remain welcoming and comfortable.

Straight-Forward Process

We have a simple approach that proves more efficient with every home we transform. We value your trust in us and strive to exceed your expectations, no matter the challenge. 

You’ll be let in on every aspect of your addition, clean up the place after we leave, and even do follow-ups to make sure our work is top-notch.

Time-Bound Service

We appreciate your interest in us and understand your time is valuable. 

We strive, and so far succeeded, to finish every project as scheduled so homeowners can get back to their daily life, now improved. 

Your needs will be front and center of our work, so your addition will reflect your vision.

Transparent Pricing

Prices and costs are undoubtedly a turning point for every homeowner planning a project. 

You can see our detailed prices displayed on our website so you’ll know what to expect and how to budget. 

Transparency is at the heart of what we do because we’ve understood how important it is to accommodate your needs.

Licensed and Insured Contractors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common additions?

A home office was the most popular addition in 2021, and we expect it to increase in popularity even more.

Do you need an architect for an extension?

Yes. For a full planning application, you’ll need professional architecture drawings. An architect will create detailed building regulations drawings and instruct the structural engineer on your behalf.

Is it expensive to build a sunroom?

The average three-season sunroom will cost between $10k and $40k. A three-season sunroom is attached to the structure of your home, but it’s not insulated. A four-season sunroom is a fully isolated sunroom, and it often includes plumbing, HVAC, and electricity. These can cost anywhere between $25k and $80k.

Does a basement bedroom add value?

Yes. Potential buyers love usable space and spend a little extra to have more of it. According to Remodeling Magazine, a mid-range basement refinish yields on average 70% ROI.

What are the costs of an addition by square footage?

Square Feet AddedTypical Addition
200$16k - $40k
500$40k - $100k
1,000$80k - $200k
2,000$160k - $400k

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